Consumers are understanding more about the climate crisis and the role of single use plastics in pollution of our air and seas. Over 50% of UK consumers now want better schemes to remove plastics from packaging so they can make better choices but not compromise on convenience.

But if you have a business with physical products you’ll know that the packaging plays a huge part in marketing your brand and the product itself so having amazing yet sustainable packaging design is a must these days.

Packaging design should be original, adaptable and aesthetic but it should also be convenient for consumers. Too many times I’ve watched an episode of Dragon’s Den to hear the words “your branding is all off…the packaging just doesn’t say what you’re telling me” which doesn’t help your business and certainly doesn’t help consumers! Get your product’s ‘shop front’ right and the world is your vegan oyster!

Obviously not all packaging is created equal so each project is priced individually but book a call to make the first step to packaging nirvana!

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