Having a great brand identity and amazing packaging design is brilliant but if you just need money to get your business off the ground I can help with that too…ok I can’t just give you money but I can help put together and design an awesome pitch or sales deck for you to pitch to investors or new clients.
A design that not only is sympathetic to your brand but also the audience you are pitching to is just as important as the facts and figures stated within the document.

I have worked on pitch decks for startups and large established companies and I can guarantee your deck will not be just a series of dull pages of numbers and facts once I’ve got hold of it!

I can also advise you what you need to include in your deck and what you can definitely ditch in the pitch (ha, ha!).

Each project is priced individually as it all depends on the size and amount of work included so book a free call and we can have a chat about what you need.

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