I Love Wight

For the I Love brand I was commissioned to create and design the whole brand package and brand guidelines. The logo was hand drawn as were many of the assests within the designs.
I also designed posters, flyers, banners and social media assets.

A Kind Life

Commissioned by A Kind Life I had to work within the very strict NHS brand guidelines making sure the logo was the correct size for the artwork and had the correct spacing around it on the correct colour. All artwork had to be passed by an NHS representative as well as A Kind Life themselves.
I created social media assets to be used across different platforms.


Keert are an e-cargo bike logistics company. I was commssioned to create and design the branding with full brand strategy and brand guidelines.

Oxfam/Tim Burgess

I worked with both Oxfam and Tim Burgess to produce a poster for a pop up record shop curated by Tim Burgess of The Charlatans. I was also commissioned by Tim to produce some designs for his Bands FC project.

Southampton City Council

I was commissioned by Southampton City Council to produce a set of posters and a brochure for the Apprenticeship Awards evening. I used images from their library and had to work within the brand guidelines of all the associated organisations for the evening making sure all logos were correct within their guidelines

The Care Advantage

The Care Advantage is a domicillary care provider. I was commissioned to create and design the branding including full brand strategy and brand guidelines.

Stonecrabs Theatre

I worked with Stonecrabs for a long time on various productions they did. This was for a production call The Trial. I produced posters for the theatre run, various fringe festival runs, and the tour. I also produced social media assets, adverts and large scale posters and banners. The poster was nominated for Best Poster Design at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.





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