We are in the midst of a climate emergency. The world around us is changing, weather systems are becoming more destructive and we have seen recently how the landmass we know now could look very different in only a few years if action isn’t taken immediately. We need to make changes as businesses and individuals or we won’t have a planet to leave to the next generation at all. 

As businesses we can do better. We need to pay more attention to our impact on people, animals and the planet and make the changes needed to ensure our survival as businesses and as a global community.

By putting people, animals and planet before profit you will:

  • Attract the best people to your company
  • Have the best retention rate
  • Connect with your consumers in a way that other companies can’t
  • You will increase your profit as more and more people are looking to buy and work with companies that align with their own values










and This 2 day responsible brand service is a deep dive into the internal culture of your business, your purpose, your goals, your mission, and your values and how to align your with your brand. We also look at the impact of your business on the planet and all your stakeholders – staff, suppliers, customers, potential customers, investors, board members etc. and how you can do business better and make a positive impact.

At the end of the 2 days you will have a culture matrix that you can implement into your business that demonstrates healthy and nurturing leadership, along with a sustainability strategy plan for taking your business and brand forward environmentally.

You will also receive content ideas and a Brand Blueprint which includes everything we have gone through in the workshops plus stylescapes (a collection of images which together represent the visual direction of your brand) and visuals on how your new aligned brand should look to the outside world. This can be used to implement your responsible brand internally and externally as well as serve as a brief for any creative assets your brand may need – copywriting, design, web design, UX

Day one workshop – organisational culture & business strategy:

  • Team alignment and intentions
  • Brand culture and purpose
  • Socially & environmentally responsible business strategy
  • Mission & values
  • Goals
  • Review

Day two workshop – brand strategy:

  • Sector analysis
  • Brand Story
  • Customer profiles
  • Brand attributes
  • Marketing strategy
  • Review


  • Logo & brand assets if needed
  • Brand guidelines if needed
  • Brand blueprint (everything we’ve spoken about in the 2 workshops)
  • Content generation

become a responsible brand

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