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Hi, I know you’ve come here thinking, “ok, how can branding help my business?” and I understand, I really do.

We’ve been fed an idea that branding is a logo, not always just a logo but definitely brand = logo. Thankfully things are getting better as us new breed of brand designers are getting our message out that actually branding is a bridge. It’s a bridge from you, your business, to your audience. It’s what helps them find you. Your brand then helps you to meet your audience halfway over that bridge.

But that’s still just part of what a brand is. I believe that your brand is also a community (or at least it should be!). Brands that build community are brands that people trust, stay loyal to and recommend to others. Humans thrive on a sense of belonging and connection so it stands to reason that a brand who builds that community is a brand that blossoms and thrives.

Your brand is the root system of your entire business, without those strong roots your business won’t flourish and thrive. The roots of branding builds you that bridge to your audience and builds connections to bring your community together.

So, back to why you came here in the first place. You wanted to know how branding could help your business. You want a business that you enjoy working in, that utilises your strengths and gets your message across, that gives you an income for you to live the life you want to live and crucially, you want a business that is successful for you.
You also came here because you know I do things differently, I look at you, your business, your life as a whole – it’s why I say I am a holistic brand designer…I also like to break rules and go off on a tangent but only ever to give you exactly what you need.

Branding isn’t just about a beautiful visual identity. Branding creates connections, creates sales and creates a community which all creates a blossoming, thriving business that works for you.

So now the question is, “when can we start building your dream business together?”

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Hi, I’m Sara, aka Truckel Creative, and I support business owners who give a shit about the planet, to establish deep roots to enable their business to blossom and thrive.

I’m so passionate about building communities I started a local Netwalking group on the Isle of Wight where I live. If you’re nearby then why not join us, all details are here

When should I be working on my branding to help my business?

At the start of your business

When you first start your business is the perfect time to start looking at the basics of branding – your values, your mission, your vision etc.
I don’t recemmend going “all in” with branding in these early days though unless you are an invested start up, as you will evolve during your first 12 months so would most probably need a rebrand a year down the line which could prove costly.

A year into your business

Your business with organically evolve over the course of the first year but after about 12 months you will be much more settled into what you’re offering, who you want to work with and where you want to take your business.
This is the perfect time to start working on your brand strategy, your marketing strategy and really nailing your brand identity.

When you hit bumps in the road

There will be times in your business when things aren’t going so well and you may feel like:

  • your audience isn’t growing
  • your sales aren’t improving
  • you’re stagnating
  • you’re stuck what to say in your marketing and on social media
  • you’re not getting the engaement you want

This is when a really good look at your brand and whether it still speaks for your business or it’s time to give it an overhaul and a refresh to match the business you have now.

There’s a change of direction

You need to always make sure your brand is speaking the same language as the business you have right now.
Any number of things can knock a brand off course:

  • brand new offers different from anything you’ve offered before
  • you gain new investment and want to grow faster
  • you take on a business partner or investor
  • your audience or ideal client changes

It’s important to make sure your brand always aligns with you, your business and your audience so any changes will need you to audit your brand to make sure you stay on track and don’t confuse your audience.

How I can help you

1:1 Brand & Design 

1:1 is the best way of working with me as we get to sit together and you get a bespoke solution for your business challenges.
With my brand and design packages, you get just that. You come away with a brand framework that works just for you, along with brand visuals to market your business with.

1:1 Brand Coaching 

These sessions are one off sessions to really delve deep into you and your business. There is no design element to these sessions but we will work on creating a bespoke brand framework for your business.
The framework method is a collaborative process rather than a quick fix template. It’s an outcome that works exactly for you and your business.

Marketing Services

Let’s get your amazing brand out to your ideal clients!
Branding is the bridge that connects your business to your audience but marketing is the vehicle that zooms over the bridge and gets your brand in front of your ideal client at lightening speed.
Marketing needs to be strategic and carefully planned to make it really work for you.

Courses & Workshops

My courses & workshops are a great entry into working with me and you still get my expertise on video or in a group to help you create your own framework to build a thriving business.

When we hit those bumps in the road and suddenly our audience stops increasing, our sales stay the same for months, even years, and we start to feel invisible online we can easily fall down the rabbit hole of doing yet another free challenge to work out your ideal client or consuming ALL the instagram accounts we can on visibility. It can be overwhelming and exhausting.
All the things we hunt out are important, but that’s just it, they are ALL important. They are all part of your brand so the best way to feel back in control of your business and your future again is to work on your brand to bring it back into alignment with you, your business and your audience.
Branding is for life, not just at the start of your business 😉





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