Connect With Your Audience

A branding course for artists & makers

This is a branding course created especially for creatives.

As a visual artist myself I know that artists and makers often struggle with attracting buyers both in person at markets/events etc. and online via social media and their own website, so I created the course I would have loved at the beginning of my artistic career.

So What is branding?
Well branding isn’t a logo, or a colour palette or social media graphics – although all of those do fall under the whole umbrella of branding.

Branding is the bridge between you and your audience – whether that’s a follower, a buyer, a gallery owner, a retail outlet, an agent or a client.
If you don’t build the bridge how will your audience get to you?

Branding is:
🔹How you make your audience feel
🔹Guiding your audience to feel a certain way about you
🔹Leading your audience to you or repelling them from you – yes, it’s absolutely OK to repell people, in fact you want to as they are not your buyers!

To attract the right people to your artistic brand first you need to:
🔹Really know who you are
🔹What you do
🔹Who you do it for
🔹Where you want it to go

Be strategic about your branding and making sure it aligns with you, your art and your audience

Most of what you need to know to design a cohesive, coherant brand you already know. It’s all in your head already, you just need to tease it out, collate it and record it.

We don’t often take the time to sit down and really look at who we are, our values, our art practice and the future we’d like but this course will do all of those things for you

Course structure

The course is delivered over 7 modules and we’re going to really get to know you and your art practice.
Each module will be delivered via a short video and a digital workbook (which can also be printed and written in by hand).

Over the 7 modules you will be looking at:
🔵Your story
🔵Your core purpose
🔵Your values
🔵Your core aesthetic (including writing your Artists Statement)
🔵Your definition of success and your vision of the future
🔵Your ideal buyer
🔵Your art brand personality

There is also a bonus module to help you collate all the information you’ve worked on to produce a “Brand Book” using a template provided.

It should only take roughly an hour per module to complete but as each module really gets you to think deeply you may want to take more time.
This course is for you so take your time to get the most out of it.

This is a self study course.
There’s no time limit to completing the course as you have lifetime access so can retake the course as many times as you like.

Course investment £99

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