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1:1 Build a Thriving Brand

Most of what you need to know to design a cohesive, coherant brand you already know. It’s all in your head already, you just need someone to help tease it out, collate it and record it. But we don’t often take the time to sit down and really look at who we are and the future we’d like.
This is a 1:1 of my course where you you have me to help you make those connections, to ask questions of and help you understand more about you and your business so you can create a brand that aligns with you and your ideal client.

Investment for 1:1 Build a Thriving Brand £150

1:1 Truckel Vision

My popular live group workshop but just for you either online or in person.
In this workshop we dig into discovering your soul purpose, your why.
Through a series of exercises I help you link things in your life together to create the perfect soul aligned match.
This 1:1 workshop will help you get clear on what you want from life and the steps you need to take to achieve that.
This workshop is perfect for you if you want to start your own business but not sure what, or you’ve come to a crossroads in your life – either professionally or personally – and want some clarity.
I run this workshop as a live group several times a year but this one is just for you. A really safe place to talk, work things through and get some focus.

Investment for 1:1 Truckel Vision £150





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