Truckel Vision

a soul calling workshop

This workshop caters to those standing at crossroads in their life or career and individuals seeking the next step in personal and business growth. It’s tailored for those eager to progress but uncertain about the direction they wish to take.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll acquire tools and inspiration to unearth your soul’s purpose and initiate the construction of your life and business around it.

Truckel Vision allows you to step into a future where alignment and success seamlessly intertwine.

This is an empowering workshop crafted to guide you on the journey of discovering your soul’s purpose or calling. This purpose extends to both your personal and professional lives, and achieving true alignment in how you live and work is the key to unlocking success.

Truckel Vision is delivered as a live group workshop of no more than four participants. And whilst this is an interactive workshop, your participation is entirely optional—feel free to engage at your own comfort level. Whether you prefer active involvement or quietly working through the process, there’s no judgment.

I will be your guide, offering practical strategies to uncover the sources of joy and happiness in both your life and business. Drawing from my wealth of knowledge in branding and design, my emphasises is understanding yourself and your heart’s desires as foundational. Before delving into starting a business, identifying ideal clients or choosing visual branding colors, it’s crucial to know who you truly are.

Getting to know the true you and what your heart desires is the solid foundation to build your life and business on

Workshop structure

The workshop is delivered online at various dates across the year. There is never more than 4 in a workshop at a time.
The workshop is a safe space for you to let go of societal and family expectations and really delve into what you truely want in your life.

Over the 2 hours we will:
⭐Introduce ourselves in whatever way feel comfortable to you
⭐Have a 5 minute relaxation session
⭐Discover our values and what ties them together
⭐Look at your passions and interests
⭐Discover your zone of genius
⭐Define what success looks like to you
⭐Take into account your other responsibilities
⭐Hold space for your big dream
⭐Look at tools for overcoming limiting beliefs
⭐Bring it all together

This is a live group workshop so dates do vary.
The next workshop is running in March 2024 (date TBC)

Workshop investment £30

You can also take the Truckel Vision as a private 1:1 workshop with me at a mutally convenient time. Investment for 1:1 Truckel Vision is £150.
Email me at to book.





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