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Build a Thriving Brand

Most of what you need to know to design a cohesive, coherant brand you already know. It’s all in your head already, you just need to tease it out, collate it and record it. But we don’t often take the time to sit down and really look at who we are and the future we’d like.
Through 5 video modules you will understand more about you and your business so you can create a brand that aligns with you and your ideal client.

Connect with Your Audience

A branding course designed specifically for artists and creatives.
Over 7 video modules you will get more focused on your art and how to talk about your art in marketing and how to connect with the right buyers for your work.

Truckel Vision Workshop

This is an empowering workshop crafted to guide you on the journey of discovering your soul’s purpose or calling. This purpose extends to both your personal and professional lives, and achieving true alignment in how you live and work is the key to unlocking success.

This workshop runs as a live online group workshop several times a year.
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