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Marketing is branding’s best mate! For a lot of businesses marketing and branding are two of the things you don’t feel you can do on you own – it is always worth investing in someone who knows what they’re doing in these areas.

Marketing is not just social media. There is a whole world of marketing outside of social media that helps you get your brand right infront of your target audience without the hard sell – isn’t that what we all want?!

So, how can I help you with marketing your amazing business? Let’s grab a virtual coffee and have a chat about it.

Marketing Strategy

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From updating an initial marketing plan to writing a full new marketing strategy and everything inbetween.

Marketing strategies work to really understand the landscape your business is operating in.
By looking at your objectives, timeline and budget, current business market such as competitors, your target audience, your strengths and weakness (SWOT) etc. we can really understand what will help in terms on marketing.
Understanding your USPs, who you’re buyer is, your value proposition and your customer journey can show you exactly what and where and market your business.
A full marketing strategy also gives you an action plan, a timeline and a digital content plan for you to implement.

Investment for this package starts at £500

Please ask and I can always create a package to suit your budget

Strategy Implementation

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Sometimes marketing is just not something you have the time for when you’re busy working in your business – but that’s exactly when you need it most to make sure work or sales are constantly flowing into the business.
So I’m here to help you implement that fabulous strategy we just developed together!
And you get a bonus as because I am also a trained graphic designer there is no need to out source any design work – it’s a win win!

Investment for this package is based on the amount of support you require

Event Marketing Support

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Having spent 10 years building up, and eventually selling, an events company with a business partner I know a lot about branding and marketing an event.
From the look and feel of the event to the adverts, posters, banners, social media and brochures, I can design and promote it all!
If you’ve got an event coming up, or you’ve got an idea for an event but just don’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered! Click the bottom below and lets grab a coffee (either virtually or in real life if you’re based on or near the Isle of Wight) and have a chat.
Having the idea for an event is one thing, getting the event on and promoted is a whole other ball game…but luckily for you, one I know a lot about!

Investment for this package is based on the amount of support you require





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