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I’m Sara, founder of Truckel Creative, long time vegan (I haven’t eaten meat since 1988 when I first heard The Smiths’ “Meat is Murder”), runner, cyclist, sea swimmer (yes all year round, no, no wetsuit), music lover (90s shoegaze anyone?), visual artist and brand consultant & designer.
I love the sea and the feeling of being wrapped in a cold hug. I love walking in nature and breathing the clean fresh air on top of a hill with my rescue border collie. I also love a second hand bargain, being deafened down the front at a gig and surrounding myself with plants. I’m a multi faceted being…just like your brand!

Even though I specialised in design at art college I went off and worked in retail development for 16 years in small independent brands and a large national charity. I then came back to design as a graphic designer for a major greetings card publisher before going to off to university, all the wrong way round and as a (very) mature student!
At university I gained a foundation degree in graphic design, a BA in visual arts (illustration) and a masters in visual communication. I’ve successfully founded and co-run two events businesses and been a brand designer & consultant since 2016.

My biggest superpower is being vegan and an eco warrior as that not only makes me awesome but it also makes me more than likely your ideal client too so I have a great insight into your business and how to attract your audience.

Here are 5 really interesting facts about me 

1. I’ve cycled from London to Brighton and all the way round the Isle of Wight (although not both on the same day!)

2. I played the cello as a child and really wish I still played it

3. My love of design started at art college in the 90s when computers weren’t a thing so to design anything we’d have to trace the fonts from a huge font book and make sure we got all the spacing correct manually. I still love “hands on” design to this day

4. I once beat Usain Bolt over the finish line at the 2012 Olympic Games athletics track – ok my race was 4 months before his but I still beat him!

5. I’m a proper artist and printmaker too. I have a lovely etching press in my studio and I used to run printmaking workshops

And if you’ve got an odd 6 hours free (I mean why wouldn’t you?!) why not have a listen to the Soundtrack of my Life on Spotify (if you’re on your phone click here as the link below doesn’t seem to work).





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