Brand strategy is the roadmap for your business for how to get from where you are to where you want to be. It takes away all the guess work surrounding marketing and promoting your business and building a successful brand of any size.

So what does brand strategy do?

Whether your just starting out or have been in business for a while brand strategy can help your business grow and succeed.
Brand strategy solves bigger problems for your business than just creating a killer visual brand. Brand strategy looks at your whole business, and yes, it does reveal your ideal customer, your message, your voice, your goals and your impact but it also looks at how you can be different, how you can stand out in your market and say “Hey, look at me over here being all better and different!”.
Brand strategy also looks at the internal business workings, customer service, teams etc., to see how all that can upgrade and connected to be a smoother more empowering process for your business and customers.

Brand strategy will inspire you and give you the confidence to make your brand work. It empowers you to achieve success and change the world with your offer. Brand strategy can seriously elevate your business.

So why do you need brand strategy?

  1. You’re just starting out in business and the thought of ideal clients, finding your voice, finding your audience and working out what message you want to convey fills you with dread, confusion and overwhelm.
  2. You’ve been in business for a while and you want to scale up and grow but you just don’t know where to start with taking your brand to larger audience.
  3. You’re hiring creatives onto your team to design your brand identity, write your website copy, build your website, manage your social media or take brand or product photography. Brand strategy before working with creatives makes the whole process smoother and cohesive. It defines your brief so creatives know exactly what you’re after from them which in turn means:
    – fewer revisions
    – Everyone speaking to the customer with the same voice
    – Coherent brand message

Brand strategy is a simple but powerful tool to help you understand, prioritise and focus on a clear business vision and plan how to achieve it.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in business
Steve Forbes – Editor-in-chief Forbes Magazine