When you first start out in business EVERYONE is talking about “ideal clients” “dream clients” “Ideal clients avatar” “Ideal client persona”, you literally cannot go on social media without seeing another post on bloody ideal clients…well here is another post on them! And I’ll tell you why you see SO many posts about ideal clients, it’s because they are SO bloody important! Really, honestly, they are!

Imagine you were in the market for a romantic relationship (bear with me on this one, I promise it makes sense!) and you walk into a bar full of men/women/whoever you’re into. Would you stand there and shout at all of them in the hope one of them could hear you over the shouting of all the other people trying to find a date? Or instead, would you already have an idea of the sort of person you’d like (age, height, hair colour, style etc.) and go and talk to one person that fitted that bill? Or even better, they came to talk to you because they could see you were their kind of person! Well it’s the same for your client. Although you are trying to get more than one date in the client world, if you still just talk to that one person who fits your bill, others like them will hear you and also come over to talk to you. Before you know it you’ve got a whole audience of your ideal client all listening to everything you have to say because they all feel like you are just talking to them and you “get them”.

So, who is your ideal client?