Way back in primary school was when I first became aware of how we treat animals. We were allowed to pick a subject to do a project on and at 9 years old I chose factory farming – not what the rest of my class were choosing I can tell you!

I was horrified and I remember just looking at the images I’d found in the library of chickens hanging by their feet and wondering why. But I was 9. I didn’t think I had the power to do anything to change things. Roll forward a few years to 12 and I was getting heavily into music, most notably The Smiths (before we knew Morrissey was a wrong ‘un!). I heard Meat is Murder for the first time on boxing day 1988 and declared there and then I was never eating meat ever again. I realised from that song that I did have a choice and the power to change things. Something I’ve been trying to do ever since.

All through secondary school I was the “weird” one. I’m sure it was meant as an insult but I took it as a compliment, I didn’t want to be “normal”, I wanted to change the world! I got into recycling and using ethical products and companies before it was easy or “trendy” to do so. I shopped at charity shops for a lot of my clothes and even made some of my own clothes (I’m not sure I could even thread a sewing machine now!) and cycled everywhere.
I waited a lot longer than I should have done before going vegan but I got there in the end and that’s all that matters so in 2011 I became vegan.

The climate emergency is very real. We need to all make a change to what we eat and consume in general before it’s too late.

It’s down to every one of us and especially the big businesses and industries who contribute the most to the climate change.

Two years ago I changed energy supplier to Ecotricity (they are vegan accredited and 100% renewable electricity), I now need to look at my bank account and car (although I do still cycle a lot!) amongst other things. Because we’re not there yet, we still need to keep doing.

I care about the planet, I care about animals, I care about people. I care about businesses who care too.
Together I want us to change the world!

Photo of my rescue dog Bella