Tip Number One

I decided to start this little weekly section after remembering how when I worked in retail development for a major national charity I had a column in the monthly retail magazine called “Truckel’s Top Tips for Tip Top Windows”. I toyed with the idea of calling this section “Truckel’s Top Tips for Tip Top Branding” but it’s just far too much of a mouthful so it’s been condensed!

So onto tip number one.
Now this may sound counter intuitive given what I do but….tip number one is you don’t have to spend a lot on branding! I know, shock horror, why is this woman who delivers branding packages saying this?!
Well here’s the disclaimer…at the start of your business.

When you first start up your business you’re probably very limited in funds and haven’t even got an audience yet. So you need to go to where your customers are and find them yourself. Therefore in these early days you don’t need fancy branding to attract your customers because you are going to them and telling them personally (either face or face or virtually) who you are and what you do. Your business will definitely also change and develop over time as you test new offers/products and find new customers (I know they’re not flavour of the month but just look at Oatly’s branding in the early days to now to see this in action) so spending a lot on branding in these early days can often just be a waste of money as you will want to change it again fairly quickly as you settle into your business.

The evolution of Oatly branding

Once you have a solid foundation for your business and you know your market, your customer and your offer, whether that’s a month, a year or 5 years in, then is the time to properly invest in your business branding to start attracting customers and or investors to you.

So tip number one is: Wait to invest in your branding once your ready to take your business to the next level

What next?
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