Tip number two

Branding tip number two is know your own brand. Now this might seem strange and it’s your brand so why wouldn’t you know it, but do you really know it? 
You need to really know the essence of your brand and who they are. Be curious, think of them as a person with a personality because that’s exactly what a brand is!

Once you know your brand’s personality it makes creating content, offers, adverts and all creative assets so much easier as you know what feels right for your brand. You know the message you’re telling so everything stays within your brand and recognisable to your audience.

To find out who your brand is you need to ask it 5 simple questions.
How would your audience describe you? If you don’t yet have an audience, think of family and friends, how would they describe the brand?

How would you describe your customers? Again if you’ve just started what attributes would you like in your customers? Would you like them to be adventurous? Activists? Foodies? 

How do you sound to your audience? Are you knowledgeable, playful, sweary even? Maybe you’re honest or focusd.

How do others feel interacting with you? If you answer exhausted and angry to this one maybe you need to rethink what you’re doing! Unless that’s what you’re after, maybe your brand is a dominatrix..who knows!

And finally, What impact do you have on your clients? Do they have improved health, bigger sales, personal growth or maybe if you’re a zero alcohol beer it’s a clear head in the morning!

Ask your brand these 5 questions and think of at least 5 adjectives/phrases for each and write them down. Choose your top answer from each question and you now know who your brand is.
So to give an example, my business is: Creative. Vegan. Playful. Inspired. Connected.

What next?

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