Over the next few weeks I’m going to be going into more detail about some of the aspects of branding and brand strategy but I thought it would help to give my top 10 tips on good branding for businesses of all sizes

  1. Know Yourself
    Discovering who you are is always the first step I get businesses to do on my strategy calls. If you’re a small, micro or solo business the business very often follows you and your personality but if you’ve got a larger business, or a partnership business that business will have a personality of it’s own and that’s what you need to look into here.
    Getting to know you and your business is vital to the branding process and will just be flat and lifeless without this step.
  1. Know your Values
    Part of getting to know you and your business is finding out what you stand for. We very often have very strong values but we just don’t really spend time thinking about what they are and actually writing them down.
  1. Know Your Why
    This is really your purpose, your why. What made you come to the business you started? What makes you show up every day? Your purpose is the core of your business and will guide you in everything you do so miss this step and you’re missing out on a lot of knowledge and marketing insights.
  1. Know your Difference
    Sometimes called your X-Factor or your superpower. You will have something that others in your field don’t have. That might be some expert knowledge from another sector that transfers over, it might be your contacts, it could just be the way you do your business. There is always something about you that makes you different because we’re all unique.
  1. Know Your Voice
    How you communicate to your audience is really important and not everyone will like the way you speak or the tone of your marketing but that’s ok. Find the tone that works for you and your clients whether that’s humorous, serious, educational, professional or casual. Know your voice and stick to it.
  1. Know Your Client
    A lot of people will put this first in a list like this but I will always put it much lower down. Understanding your client is extremely important but you always need to know who you are first so you can find clients that fit with you rather than trying to fit yourself into a client type you think you should have.
  1. Know How You Help Your Clients
    What is it that you do to help you clients? How do you do it? What tangible impacts do you make on your clients? All of this informs what your branding looks and sounds like as well as helping with content creation and marketing.
  1. Be Authentic
    This follows on from No.6. If you discover who you are and your tone of voice then you are well on your way to being seen as an expert and trusted. Trying to be someone you’re not will stick out like a sore thumb and just turn people off you. However wacky you think you are for clients, you will always have an audience, you just need to find it. Just be you.
  1. Know Your Vision
    Knowing where you want to take your business and the future you you’re working towards will help guide your brand and you messaging. If you know you want to be the best business coach in the South East, start believing you are already and showing up in your branding as that person. If you don’t have that vision and you’re just stuck as a great coach in Brighton, you will only ever be a great coach in Brighton as you and your branding will subconsciously say “I’m a great coach in Brighton”.
  2. Know your Goals
    Goals are different to vision. Vision is the big picture, goals are what get you there so goals are just as important in branding as your vision and without them you will stay stuck.

If you’re ready to find out more about getting to know your brand I have several ways you can work with me.
My online self study courses are an excellent starting point.

  • Build a Thriving Brand helps you get to know your brand and your personality and is aimed at solopreneurs and small businesses.
  • Branding for Success takes the course one step further with also looking at your market, your goals and your visual identity.
  • Connect with your Audience is my course written especially for artists, makers and crafters to discover their brand and how they attract more buyers.

Or you could book a free discovery call with me to discuss what help you might need with your branding.