Samhain (31st October & 1st November) is about halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice and 1st November marks the pagan new year.

Whether you celebrate Samhain, Halloween or neither, now is a great time to look at leaving behind what no longer serves you and make intentions for what you want to bring more of into your life.

I love journaling as it’s a way of getting all the “stuff” out of my head. Talking to someone can really help but I really like the way journaling can help provide the answers that were there inside me all along!

I would encourage anyone to give journaling a go. I recognise that it’s not for everyone but if you do give it a go, here are some journal prompts that might help at this time of year, or really at any point when you feel stuck:

🎃 what isn’t serving you anymore and you’d like to leave behind?

🎃 what do you want to attract more of into your life and/or business?

🎃 what have you brought in this past year you want to celebrate?

🎃 what do you value most about the darker seasons and what do you dread?

🎃 what are you looking forward to in this coming year?

Photograph of a spiderweb in the autumn/fall covered in dew between 2 dead wildflower stems

This work can bring up lots of things you didn’t even realise. For me, often once I start writing a lot of thoughts are unlocked and I write things I didn’t know I felt. It’s deep stuff.

If you identify you want more sales, more money, more abundance then branding can really help that process, plus my style of branding goes deep so can actually help you to see what you want more of, what no longer serves you – I go through my own branding process often these days!

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