I talk a lot about your ideal client in my branding courses and my online content. Today I had a whole post already written about how knowing your ideal client makes all the difference when you start branding and marketing your business, your copy on social media and even just what you offer.

But, you can hear the but a mile off can’t you?! Well the “but” here is that actually although I’d written the post and it’s still relevant and full of gems of advice I’ve got something far more current and useful to share with you today.

So I was convinced I had my ideal client all sorted. I knew who they were, what their values were, what issues they had, what worries them and what aspirations they had. But I didn’t quite have it as all sorted as I thought. I didn’t because I didn’t realise my ideal client was actually different to who I thought they were. Not widely different, but subtly different, enough to make a difference (too many differences??!).

a photo of a wave swelling in the sea. The sea is a wonderful electric blue and cyan colour with a white crashing wave

I thought my ideal client was a business owner or creative who puts the planet, people and animals before profit. They still do, that hasn’t changed, but their foundations are different to who I thought they were and that subtle realisation made a huge difference to my content and marketing.

You see there are many businesses who are eco conscious, or purpose/value led, who strive for net zero and to make the planet healthier by being part of the reversal of climate change rather than actively helping it along. I applaud them, they’re doing a great job and the planet needs them. But my ideal client is more. They are a more targeted sub category if you like.

A Deep Connection

My ideal clients are deeply connected to the natural world. They care about the environment and wildlife, not just the numbers on a spreadsheet that tell them how low their carbon footprint is. My ideal client celebrates the changing seasons, they spot the tiny fungi growing on the forest floor and they do things to actively encourage wildlife to their local environment. 

A close up photo of a forest floor with brown autumn leaves, green moss and a few little mushrooms poking up through

My ideal client has an affinity to the land, to the cycles of nature. They nurture and listen, not just drive an electric car…although they may well do that too.

Now I’m not calling out anyone or any business here who is actively striving to make the planet better in whatever way they can, they are all good people, but my people have a very deep connection to the land itself, to the wildlife that lives in it and the beauty in our planet.

So you see, knowing fully who your ideal client is, is very important as I could have really missed the mark if I’d have carried on going down the wide path rather than taken the narrower one. I’d be hitting those eco conscious businesses but not truly reaching those I feel a deep connection with and really want to work with to help their businesses thrive.

It’s time you got to know your ideal client thoroughly too so you can also form a deep connection and help them with whatever it is you’ve got to offer.

I’m here for you!

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