Everyone has had an awful client, one who thinks they know best and won’t listen to what you, the expert, says. I know my worst client very well…because it’s ME!
When I first started Truckel Creative back in 2021 I was in such a rush to get the business launched and start serving clients, I didn’t take any of my own advice. Looking back it’s now obvious why it took months to get my first client or make headway on social media – I was making every one of these top 5 mistakes! Me, a brand consultant, was not taking any of my own advice!

The change in fortune regards clients and social media traction came when (surprise, surprise) I became my own BEST client and followed my own branding programme.
If you want to be like my BEST client, don’t fall for these easy to avoid mistakes. Do the foundation work and your brand will speak for itself!

A photo of an arrow pointing up painted on to a yellow wooden wall

1. Not identifying your core purpose

Identifying a clear purpose gives your brand a real sense of direction and focus. Essentially by identifying your purpose you’re defining the core reason you’re doing what you do and the impact you want to have. This helps you share a clear message with your audience that’s strong, consistent and engaging.

2. Not identifying your values

People want authenticity, they want to know that you believe in what you say. Once you’ve identified your brand’s values you can match them with what your audience believes in. People buy from people so be clear about your values and attract like minded ideal clients to your product or service.

3. Not identifying your ideal client

Knowing who your ideal client is, is essential for creating a brand that connects with the right audience. Identifying your ideal client allows you to create relevant and effective content and marketing. Knowing your ideal client helps you to answer their needs and aspirations with your products and service and really make your brand stand out from the crowd.

4. Borrowing” branding from others because it “looks good”

A brand is only works if it matches you, your business and your client. A “pretty” logo will mean nothing if it doesn’t have real thought and depth behind it. Having a logo that doesn’t match you or your business is doing your business a real disservice. Your audience might be expecting something completely different to what you actually offer purely based on your branding. You could end up attracting totally the wrong client, or worse still, no clients at all.

5. Constantly changing branding or not following any brand guidelines

Constantly changing your branding will confuse your audience and be detrimental to your overall brand awareness. Consistency in your brand helps maintain cohesion in your messaging, actions, and overall brand representation. Consistency is essential for building a strong and recognisable brand identity and helps your audience trust you and your brand.

Next steps…

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next stage and get it working for you then head over to 1:1 brand & design 1:1 brand coaching or marketing services to see all the ways I can help you find your branding solution.