What does it truly mean to be in alignment with yourself? It’s a term I often use in discussions about personal growth and branding, but what does it actually mean?

Being in alignment means feeling completely at ease within yourself, as if you’ve found your true home. It’s about embracing your authentic self without any need to dim your light or shrink to make others feel better. It’s about knowing how to fill and hold your own space. 

Ultimately, it’s about recognising and walking the path that resonates most deeply with your inner being, the path you feel destined to tread.

Discover your soul calling

So before you can walk that path you need to discover what it is you were put here to do, your soul calling, your purpose. Now I know that all sounds a bit woo woo but really it’s not when you think about it properly. 

Those who radiate success and inner peace are often people who are engaged in activities they excel at, are passionate about, and wholeheartedly believe in (whether we on the outside deem that as a good or bad thing). It’s challenging to thrive engaged in something that fails to ignite your interest or enthusiasm.

Discovering your purpose is a process that may take time, but once you embark on this voyage of self-discovery, things gradually begin to fall into place, and start to make sense

Signs your living out of alignment

But before you even get to that part, how do you know if you’re living out of alignment? Below is a list of 10 signs that might mean you’re living out of alignment with your soul calling. While these signs may also be symptomatic of other issues (yes I’m looking at you ADHD & perimenopause to name a few) exploring the possibility of alignment can serve as a powerful starting point. Embarking on a tour of self-discovery offers not just value, but also the potential for deep personal fulfillment and genuine well-being.

1. Feeling Disconnected
You feel a disconnect from yourself, others, or the world around you and you may feel a sense of emptiness or numbness in your life.

2. Lack of Joy
Days may feel monotonous or as if time is dragging on and there’s a lack of joy and novelty in your experiences.

3. Lack of Fulfillment
This is a biggie! Even when achieving external success, you still feel unfulfilled and achievements may not bring the satisfaction you expected.

4. Seeking External Validation
Your sense of worth feels tied to external opinions rather than intrinsic values.

5. Lack of Passion and Purpose
You feel a lack of enthusiasm or passion for your daily activities and maybe just feel like you’re “going through the motions”. You might also not have a clear sense of purpose or direction in your life and feel a little “lost”

6. Inner Conflict
There may be a gap between your actions and your values, causing internal turbulence or increased general anxiety.

7. Physical and Emotional Exhaustion
Feeling constantly tired or exhausted for no reason may be a sign that you’re not living in harmony with your true self. Emotional exhaustion and feeling drained can also be indicative.

8. Repeating Negative Patterns
You find yourself stuck in repetitive negative patterns, whether in relationships, work, or personal habits and breaking free from destructive cycles may feel difficult.

9. Difficulty with Self-Expression
You have difficulty expressing your true thoughts and feelings and, often called visibility, a fear of judgment or rejection may hold you back from authentic self-expression.

10. Resistance to Change
You resist necessary changes or personal growth because of fear or comfort with the familiar even if that’s staying in an “uncomfortable” comfort zone. Change can also be seen as a threat rather than an opportunity for personal development.

Where do I even start finding my soul calling?

There are lots of ways of starting your exploration into your soul calling. Here are just a few places to start:

Slowing Down
The speed we live our lives these days means we seldom have time to think about what we really want to be doing as we’re just constantly doing. Meditation, mindfulness or just walking alone in nature can facilitate introspection and clarity about your purpose.

Regularly journaling your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and aspirations can help uncover patterns and insights about what truly matters to you.

Personality Assessments
Tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Enneagram, or the StrengthsFinder assessment can provide insights into your personality traits, strengths, and preferences, which can inform your understanding of your purpose

Seeking Inspiration
Read books, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries, or attend workshops and events that align with your interests and values, as they can provide inspiration and new perspectives.

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