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You’ve set up your business and pressed go but you’re not getting any traction, or at least not from the clients you really want to work with.

Or maybe you’ve not yet pressed the go button as you’re not sure you’ve got your style and messgaing right.

It’s not enough to just have a great product or service, you need a brand that aligns with your mission and values and attracts like-minded clients to you.

Remember your first day at work or uni. You walk into that room of new people. How do you know who you will get on with without talking to everyone and possibly getting stuck with someone you wish you’d avoided?

You look for clues – facial expressions, body language, what they’re wearing.
We make judgments about others within seconds of meeting them purely by what they look like.

 It’s exactly the same with your brand.

Your brand needs to tell your ideal client immediately that you are their tribe and they can stop looking for anyone else now as they’ve found their perfect match.

Your brand is your business’s clothes, its look. Your brand needs to be able to quickly tell your dream clients your values, your market position and your personality.

Once you’ve turned your dream clients’ heads with your branding, then you can wow them with your product or service, your expert status and your impact and turn an inquiry into a sale.

Now you know why great branding is so important for your business, but what actually is a brand?

Well it’s not just a fancy logo or just a visual identity.
A brand is your business’s personality.
It’s how you look, what you say.
How you say it, how you make your audience feel.
Your values and, your mission.


This programme isn’t about designing a fancy logo (so no design skills are necessary), it’s about building a brand that represents you and your business and more importantly, attracts your ideal and dream clients so you can work with more of the people you love working with, align with your values and love what you do.

Branding for Success is delivered in 10 pre recorded video modules.

There is support during the course via email support along the way from me.

At the end of the 10 modules I will collate all of the information you have gained and present it in your Brand Document. This document can be used to help designers, copy writers, photographers and other creatives work on all creative aspects of your brand.

Along with this document I also design your visual branding based on your findings of the 10 modules.

The first 5 modules are the Build a Thriving Brand course:

🔵Your story
🔵Your purpose and your mission
🔵Your values
🔵Your vision
🔵Your definition of success and your BHAG (that’s your Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

The next 5 modules take you through a more in depth look at branding for your business.
These modules look at:

📌Ideal client – what they think, what they need and what solutions would help them

📌Market analysis – where your brand is/wants to be positioned within your industry

📌Brand personality – brand attributes, the hook, the brand promise and drivers

📌Goals & Priorities

📌Content generation – client journey, messaging, brand narrative

The final BONUS module brings everything together in a document you can use when hiring any creative to undertake work for you – copy writers, graphic designers, web designers, photographers etc.

📌Brand Document – mood boards, photo styles, stylescapes

The 10 module self study
Branding for Success program
with lifetime access

PLUS visual branding designed based on the work completed through the program


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