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The hugely successful retail development specialist Kate came to me after she’d had her daughter and wanted to go full time as a freelance retail sales & marketing expert.
She was already very knowledgable about her ideal client as they were also new parents starting their own businesses in the baby & toddler sector. She knew that her client was also herself so she knew how they felt and what theeir hopes fears were. What Kate needed help with was getting her business in front of them and letting them know exactly what she could do and how she could help them.


During our initial workshop we identified that there was two distinct strands to Kate’s business – helping launch and elevate brands into mainstream and specialist retailers and also building and marketing her own website to sell the brands products.
We needed to show Kate’s vast experience as well as stand out from the other businesses promising to launch new start up businesses. To make Kate stand out we needed to make sure not only her sales, marketing and retail credentials were obvious but also that she was “one of them” she was literally her clients ideal client as a mother of a young child. Kate was living the life of her clients target audience so making sure they knew that was important.


We produced a logo that unmistakably said “retail” but also that was very different from the usual baby & toddler branding. This made Kate stand out to her target market who ween’t interested in twee, traditional marketing for children’s businesses. Kate’s clients were parents too but that was not their defining character, they needed to feel like real humans too not just parents of children.
We also made sure all stationery and advertising followed in the same “retail” manner using nutritional information templates and packaging in general as design elements.
We also made sure that Kate’s story of motherhood was front and centre of her messaging, showing that she too was a mother and also her own person with personality and dreams just like her audience and importantly, just like her audience’s audience.





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