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Tamara, founder of Inspired By, is a creative, a maker and an event planner. She had been “playing” at Inspired By for a few years alongside other businesses but now felt the time was to take Inspired By seriously and really make something of it. 
Inspied By is a sustainable gift solution and during the initial brand worshop we talked at length about who the audience of Inspired By are and where and how Tamara would be selling the products. 
As there would be a physical and online presence of the retail outlet that needed to also be considered as strands to the overall audience.


During the brand workshop we discussed the imapct of the products Inspired By made and sold and how they would benefit the audience. 
The impact to wellbeing and mental health was highlighted along with the many other benefits houseplants have on our health like sleep and respiritory.
We also wanted to hightlight the low impact on the planet the gifts had as all items ar created using found and upcycled materials therefore the carbon impact of the products is very low – something we knew would be important to the audience.


We created the whole brand for Inspired By – the logo, the visuals the way the products should be photographed, the stories behind the products and Tamara herself and the way the social media should be displayed and the biographies for them.
Everything Inspired By does should have sustainability and wellbeing at the heart of it. With all that in mind we created a logo that reflected the natural element to the business as well as invokes it’s own sense of calm. The colours we used also reflected this calm and sense of wellbeing.





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