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Keert is a brand new electric cargo courier on the Isle of Wight. After a successful trial they decided to take the plunge and formalise the business with a new name and new branding.
In the discovery meeting it was highlighted that many local businesses are using cars and vans unecessarily and in many, if not all cases, a cargo bike would be quicker, cheaper and of course cleaner. 
It was decided that along with the benefits to the environment (cleaner and quieter), the cost and time benefits to the client should also be made very visible.


During the intial discovery workshop we talked about the purpose of Keert and the whys behind each of the directors. Although al very different, one why was consistant through them all…to leave a big legacy impact but a small environmental impact.
We identified the target audience and the other players within their space. Armed with all that we could see exactly where to position the business and the messaging needed to attract the audience.


I saw the Keert were here to make a statement. To be change makers and innovators and to stand out in a crowded courier market. With that in mind in added a full stop after the name in the logo. This highlights the statement they are making and how it’s them and no one else. 
Where they are always on the move, we needed a colour that attracts attention and would be a talking point. Using the bright neon green colour also helps in low light with the vulenerable road users they are to be seen so it has a practical as well as asthetic use.





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