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Mr C had been producing jam and sauces for a number of year and had a loyal fanbase of jam loving customers. In March 2020 the founder of the company was diagnosed with diabetes and to reverse his symptoms went on a low carb diet. This worked so he decided to launch the low carb products he’d been making for himself as a new business. The problem was his customers were used to high sugar jam and sauce so he decided to launch a whole new business.


After the initial strategy session we decided that the new business needed a new name and identity so it wasn’t mixed up with the old one. We also looked at the new business’s ideal client which was very different from the old one with very specific needs. We decided to concentrate on the packaging for the four granola products they were launching as these would be the hero products of the range.
We looked in detail at the ideal customer and came up with the idea of having flavour colours rather than a brand colour. These would eventually carry through the whole range making it easier for customers to choose their favourite flavours out of the range when on shop shelves or on market stalls.


Although the granola were aimed at a very specific customer we knew that Low Carb Kitchen’s customers didn’t want branding that looked like they were missing something, they were foodie types who wanted branding that looked tasty and appealing.
From research of the customer we also knew that additional dietary needs were important so we made sure all the facts about number of carbs per serving and that the product is also gluten free were clearly placed on the front of the packaging without compromising the overall design. The design needed to look artisan but not homemade as all the products are produced in small batches by hand as this was a key element to the customer.
Finally, as we knew the customer valued great ingredients we incorporated those into the overall design with bespoke hand drawn illustrations with a modern styling.





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