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Megan Else had recorded their first solo album and needed a visual identity along with a sleeve for the album. Megan Else’s album was a journey of self discovery and a coming of age so the sleeve needed to represent that as well as give an indication of the type of music they play. As Megan Else was new to the recorded music scene they needed a brand identity that portrayed them as an artist too.


Megan Else’s music was somewhere between folk and “one person and a guitar”. There was a lot going on in the music even though it was quite stripped back. This insight gave me a starting point for the sleeve design.
Megan Else also needed a brand identity that fitted their personality as well as their music. I spent time with Megan during the recording sessions so I could get to know them and their music to better represent them. Designing branding for musical artists can be different to branding for products and businesses but essentially it’s still showing the personality in the design and attracting the right customers.


Megan Else had a series of old photos they had taken from their parents. Looking through I saw one that really stood out to me and represented the music perfectly. Another photo from the series worked for the back cover and a photo from the recording studio taken through glass finished the gatefold design.
The logo needed to match Megan’s personality which was strong yet vulnerable, deep and meaningful. The logo is strong and clear but with something a bit different, a bit quirky, a bit unique, just like Megan and their music.





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