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When the founder of Retail Mama, Kate, first contacted me she was just setting up on her own as a freelance sales expert for the baby & toddler market. She had not long had her daughter and wanted to put her vast experience in sales to good use and help other small businesses and start ups.
Her target audience was one person start ups and small UK businesses wanting to elevate their business to the next level.
Kate already had a few clients but was ready to elevate her own business with profesional branding help.


Because the audience for Retail Mama was within the baby & toddler market we wanted to incorporate that aspect of Kate and the client into the branding to compliement the name. We knew we didn’t want anything to obvious but also it needed to tell a story too.
The target audience was boutique businesses so the branding needed to appeal to that audience but also radiate Retail Mama and Kate too.
During the branding workshop we looked at other people within her business space and how she is different to them. We also discussed Kate’s vision for Retail Mama so we could make sure the branding was able to grow with the business.


Kate is a very bright and friendly person so I made sure that was within the personality of the brand. Kate was also clear on how she does things differently and not just like everyone else so we made sure her branding also stood out from the crowd.
Retail is synonymous with a barcode and scanning a barcode = sales so we wanted to use this symbol as a subtle hint to how effective Kate is at what she does. It’s also slightly quirky and off the wall to highlight how Kate isn’t just like everyone else.





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