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I started working with Stonecrabs Theatre many years ago when I first designed the branding and marketing materials for two new performances they were putting on – Tieta, The Trial and Some Kind of Love Story. Over the course of the perfomances at different theatres around the UK, Tieta, The Trial developed and evolved into something different that needed a whole new branding.
A new name was given to the play – The Trial, the focus and feel of the play had changed and importantly, the audience had changed.


We discussed the story of the play again and the new messages behind it now it had evolved.
The new performance was much more interactive so that needed to come across in the branding. It was also much more vibrant than the original and the audience much more playful and thoughful.
Stonecrabs needed a brand that would be easily recognisable at the festivals and theatres around the UK, it also needed to stand out from all the other performance branding at festivals including Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe.


I developed a brand that was as strong and powerful as the play and as playful as the audience. I used photos from the play that engaged the audience, to take them on the interactive journey and draw them in.
As a poster the finished design was dynamic and full of the energy of the play. This made the design stand out from the other posters at the festivals and draw an audience in.
The final branding is very recognisable as The Trial, even using a variety of different imagery. The images were also easily used without the text and yet still recognisable to audiences as The Trial.
The poster design was also nominated for “Best Poster Design” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.





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